Friday, 10 November 2017

Where in the World?

As part of our Topic Where in the World? we have been learning about our culture and learning about different cultures.
We know that Samoan's celebrate White Sunday.
We know that many Indian's celebrate Diwali, Holi , and Brothers and Sisters Day.
Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year with a chinese dragon dance that is believed to bring good luck,  the Lucky Red Packet is also called Lucky money that has lucky money inside.

We are making posters at home/these can be finished at school too if you would like but we want parents and students working and talking together and learning about your family culture.

To give you an idea of what we want to do at home here is an example below of Hamish's who is Indian.
Hamish produced something similar at his previous school which had a title in the middle My Family by Hamish ...
then around this was sectioned off :
Special food my family likes to eat (e.g. had pictures of butter chicken and rice, naan, rice pudding and fried potato.
Another section was titled:
Special events we celebrate and he had a heading underneath Diwali Festival and had pictures of firecrackers, festival of lights and Holi.
Special clothes we wear and he had pictures of  men and women in traditional costume, e.g. Rwani, Saari, Lehega Choli, and a Sikh Turban.
He had a flag on India, a map and the Golden Temple etc

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