Sunday, 13 January 2019

School Holidays

Hi everyone,
The holidays are going by very quickly. I hope you are all having wonderful holidays. I would love you to share some of your holidays on your blog with me or by email.  I have had emails from Jordan regarding The Summer Learning Journey and have been getting emails about Taya's, Koshik's and Alex I's posts. Congratulations - I hope you three learn a lot along the way and who knows you might be lucky to get some prizes along the way or even be the one winner at the end. I have watched a couple movies - I went with my husband to see A Star is Born and have been with Michael and Nadia to see Spiderman, Bumblebee, Ralph Wrecks The Internet and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.  Look forward to an email or a blog post from you!

Monday, 17 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey

I just opened up my email to find three new emails of comments from Taya's blog posts that Jordan from The Summer Learning Journey had posted. What a great start Taya. Here is one of Jordan's comments below. I am impressed how quickly Jordan responds and how she asks a question so that you are able to reply to her comment. Enjoy the journey Room 1 - it looks amazing.

Jordan has left a new comment on your post "SLJ North and South Activity 2 week 1": 

Kia Ora Taya,

Thanks for taking the time to tell us a little bit about your hometown. You're right, Papakura has incredibly beautiful land. I only started working in Papakura last year, so have grown quite fond of it! What is your favourite part of Papakura?
I understand what you mean when you say that it sometimes has unusual weather— I live 25km South of Papakura and we experience 4 seasons in a day there— one minute it is SO hot and then the next it is pouring down with rain. 
There are a lot of schools in Papakura! In our cluster (Kootuitui) we work with 6 schools— do you have any friends that go to other schools? 

I look forward to your response :)



Sunday, 16 December 2018

Room 1 2018 Principal's Award - Amani-Grace Shaw

Principal's Award 2018 - An enthusiastic attitude towards learning across all curriculum areas along with an inquisitive mind.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Sonshine Ranch by Ryleigh

Sonshine Ranch Sonshine Ranch was usual enough: it had horse riding, zip lining, a rope line, a huge playground with a long slide. There were baby bunnies that we got to pat and hold. There was rock climbing and a pitch black tunnel and goats that liked pink flowers. My horse was named Sapphire which was a world champion. There were seven baby bunnies. I had a great time at Sonshine Ranch.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

SLJ Paying it Forward

If I could travel back in time to the 1930s I would give the family lollies (milk bottles), a bed for each person, a house with a bedroom for each member of the familiy with a swimming pool, suncream, perky nanas, a cellphone, a playstation, movies, a barbie doll for a girl and bey blades for the boys, a microwave, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a dryer and a scooter.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Scooter day...

Some very important lessons we learnt when fitting a helmet - make sure you are present when mum, dad and whanau are purchasing a helmet for you so that it can be fitted correctly. It doesn't need to be expensive but it does need to fit properly. This poster demonstrates the 2, 4, and 1 helmet safety rule - ask your child to explain this to you. Check out the latest newsletter with a couple more photos. Thanks seniors and middle school students for your helpon the day. It was great so see students with scooters.